In a story from Variety it seems that James Mangold will be directing a screenplay based on the memoir Three Little Words by writer Ashley Rhodes-Courter. The book tells of the writer's very bad time in foster care.

This is one of the first projects to come from Jami Gertz (Entourage) company Lime Orchard Productions.

"For so long I've watched movies and TV shows and thought, 'This character should be doing this and this movie didn't work because that arc wasn't working,' and finally I decided to put my money where my mouth was and get creative," Gertz offered.

"Jami has a broad vision for this company," stated Orchard President Stacey Lubliner. "We're fortunate to be working with topnotch people."

Mangold and producer Cathy Konrad gave Gertz the Rhodes-Courter memoir as soon as she started her production company. One of the first thing Gertz and Lubliner did upon opening their doors was option the book.

"This is a real passion project for them," Gertz stated. "It's a great way for me to learn how you get from A to B to Z on a film like this."