You may not know who James Preston Rogers is, but if he has his way, that will change - assuming he can land the lead role in Marvel Studio's Thor, to be directed by Kenneth Branagh. Rogers has been campaigning to get the British director to put him into the role, and as part of that effort, sat down with Popdose to discuss why he's the best fit.

Rogers is an imposing figure at 6'6", and was a wrestler for the WWE before he turned to acting. He has stared in such films as Outlander, Runaway and Rent-A-Goalie. He also acted alongside Tom Selleck in the TV movie Jesse Stone: Sea Change, and Selleck was impressed enough by his co-star that he mentioned Rogers as one to keep an eye on when he appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Asked what draws him to the role of Thor, Rogers said "Thor is one of the most complete characters that I may ever play, being 6' 6". There's more to him than, say, Conan or He-Man. His is a true character arc. Maybe as close as I'll get to playing Hamlet, especially with Branagh attached to the project." Rogers went on to explain that he doesn't want to just be a joke actor, or be restricted to playing villain roles, commenting that "I don't get many reads as the good guy. Strange, huh?" But he wants to be an action star who is also considered an actor "When I'm looking for someone to look up to, those days are gone. Arnie and Sly are all grown up and no one has taken up the slack. I like to think I possess the skills to do that. What a great job that would be, huh?"

Rogers continued "I think it would be a great career for me to be involved with period pieces. I am big with long hair, muscles and look like a warrior. Plus I have a lot of training and experience with combat and weapons. Here's where it gets interesting: I was a human before I was tall and big. I've loved, lost, laughed, cried, done it all. So I would love an opportunity to really showcase my skills and life experience, but a warrior would be a FUN career."

Rogers has also gone on to say that ego is not a consideration for him. Asked if he would be willing to do additional acting training if Branagh requested it, Rogers says "I'm a team player and would do whatever it took to make the best product possible. Believe me!"

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