Are you ready to be punched through the screen? Well, Director James Toback is going to try and do just that. The indie auteur is jumping back in the ring with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Together, they will make a feature documentary that follows the path Tyson took in losing both his championship ring, and his place amongst the legends of boxing.

Toback has more than thirty hours of recently completed interviews with the ex-champ at his disposal. According to Variety, James complimented his subject on being very forthcoming about everything that has happened to him.

Damon Bingham, Harlan Werner, Tyson and Toback are producing the film. Toback recently stated that Tyson has fascinated him since he put him in his 1985 film Black and White, "The point is not to polish his image or make a cinematic apology, but rather to get a firsthand look at a very complex and epic story. He was honest about all the things that have highlighted his life, from the bitter divorce, the ear biting, prison, to his becoming a sex addict. He is self-aware, smart and a totally fractured personality, and he made himself completely vulnerable."

The film will begin shooting this fall.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange