SAW on DVD and SAW 2: Filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell recently talked to MovieHole about their horror hit SAW, making it's way to DVD as well as spawning a sequel.

On the DVD...

Now that the film’s been a huge success at the U.S box office, the studio would surely be pushing for an extras-crammed DVD right? “We’ve done some stuff for it. I would’ve preferred to have done the commentary after the film got released though”, says Wan. “It’s hard to talk about the film until you know how it’s going to do. How self-deprecating you should be or how much fun you should have. On the commentary it’s just James and I, but we want to do some more – get some of the actors involved.”

Whannell says, unlike a lot of other filmmakers these days, they never even thought about a DVD when they were making the pic. “It’s interesting the DVD because if you’re shooting the next Star Wars film you’d know you can shoot all this stuff and have a big special edition DVD, but we didn’t expect Saw to even make it to theatres, so its not like we’ve been shooting a documentary from day dot for the features. To do that would be presuming the film would get a DVD release, which would warrant such extras. It’s all happened so quickly that you’re kinda asked ‘what have you got?’

So what have they got? “I’ve asked James to put some of his student films on there. I’ll make a deal with James; I’ll put some In-Entertainment stuff (the E-News style show that Whannell was a roving reporter on) on there if he puts some of his films on there.”

On the proposed sequel...

“[The] Producers are definitely talking about it yeah. We don’t know exactly know what our full involvement is yet. We’d say we’ll be executive producers or overseeing it. It’s only in the early stages so I may have a hand in the writing. The film just opened, so it feels kinda early to be talking about a sequel. From the moment the film opened at 18.3, the sequel gets greenlit the next day. We haven’t had time to think about it. But the producers have had time; they find time to talk about the sequel”, Whannell laughs. “I don’t think I’ll be directing [it]”, adds Wan, who wants to move onto directing new projects.