Jamie Blanks, director of the thrillers Urban Legend and Valentine, is set to film a remake of the 1978 horror classic Long Weekend.

The story revolves around a vacationing couple that gets lost in the Australian Outback. Things take a turn for the worse when nature itself starts to terrorize them. According to Fangoria.com, Australian screenwriter Everett De Roche will be updating his own original screenplay for the production.

Blanks stated that, "It's exactly 30 years since the original was made, and the story is even more relevant today than when it first came out. I've wanted to remake this movie since I was in film school, and I'm delighted to get my chance to tell one of Everett's best stories at a point when its message will carry more weight than it did in the public consciousness 30 years ago. The picture will be shot on the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland; we will be the first feature film to have ever filmed in this location."

No release date has been set.