A good film needs more than just a hero and a villain to do battle. It also requires the characters that the hero is fighting to protect. Dragon Ball Z, directed by James Wong, is no exception to this rule, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Wong has now cast Jamie Chung in his film to play the role of Chi Chi, Goku's love interest.

Chung joins Justin Chatwin (Goku) and James Marsters (Piccolo) in the film.

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Dragon Ball Z centers on an adult humanoid alien named Goku who, after discovering he was sent to Earth to destroy the population, tries to fulfill the wish of his dying grandfather and collect all seven of the world's mystical Dragon Balls to keep them out of the hands of the evil aliens. His chief nemesis for the film will be Piccolo, who is trying to conquer the Earth.

Dragon Ball Z , which is being produced by Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle), is one of the most successful Japanese cultural exports of all time. Originally created by Akira Toriyama and published by Tokyo's Jump Comics, the manga was adapted into graphic novels, video games and a successful television series that ran in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

Dragon Ball Z is set for an August 15, 2008 release date.