I was recently invited to the set of CBS Films' new thriller 7500, which is working towards an August 28, 2012 release date. One of the cast members we spoke with is Jamie Chung, who plays one of the stewardesses on a transcontinental flight where mysterious supernatural events occur.

The actress also spoke about her role in The Man with the Iron Fist, and how director RZA's original cut was over four hours long. Here's what the actress had to say below.

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"The original cut was four hours long and RZA was like, 'Let's turn it into two movies!' (Producer) Eli (Roth) was like, 'Eh, no.' So they're really excited and I have complete faith in RZA. He's a complete genius when it comes to these things and he knows the genre so well. So it's cut down to an hour and a half and it's picture locked and now he's working on the music. So I'm pretty exited and everyone's pretty stoked. But it will have that kind of cult feel like 36th Chamber of Shaolin or Five Deadly Venoms. It's definitely a delicacy. It's still fun and awesome and Russell Crowe's doing some crazy things that you would never think you'd see him do. I think it may come out in August."

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