It seems that Jamie Foxx and the director that guided him to the Oscar will be teaming up again, this time in the ring. According to MTV, Jamie Foxx revealed that he'd like his Ray director Taylor Hackford to direct him in a biopic on former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

"Mike Tyson, heavyweight boxing champion of the world," Foxx grinned when we caught up with him recently, giving us a lispy, high-pitched sneak peek at his next transformation. "Taylor Hackford, who also directed [the] Ray Charles [biopic], I think is my man. We have a certain kinship, and we've talked about when we do get back together what it would be like. I think, for something like this, it would be great because everybody remembers that era. And it's been a long enough time that people need a refreshening."

Foxx also added that Tyson himself would be involved and has the star's blessing.

"I've reached out to Mike, and I've been open about it," Foxx said of his involvement as the untitled film's producer and star. "I think that, of all the biopics that are out there, he has the most interesting story that no one has ever heard."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on a Tyson biopic but in the meantime, you can CLICK HERE to read more of the site's article.