Jamie Foxx appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, to promote his upcoming action-thriller White House Down, where he also spoke briefly about his role as Max Dillon, a.k.a. Electro, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Take a look at the video, as the actor speaks out about his sister, a hair stylist on the movie, who created the unique Jheri curl comb-over look for this iconic Marvel villain. Jamie then proceeds to reveal the voice he is using as Electro, and some of the technicalities that come along with speaking his dialogue on set. You can also read the full quotes from his interview below.

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Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon

When asked about Max Dillon's nerdy look, he revealed that he wanted to look like he never made it as an actor, comb-over and all.

"I play Max Dillon. This is me before I turn into the villain. My sister is my hairstylist. And she does a great job. She created the Django (Unchained) look. Ray Charles. I told her, 'I'm the nerd guy. I want to be the first black man with a comb over.' I told her to make me look as I would look if I never made it. So that's me. I had a Jheri curl. Things didn't go right up here. I take the Jheri curl, and I jimmy it up."

When Jay Leno asked if he's donning a "white face," the actor spoke about his blue look as Electro.

"White face? It is actually blue. It's blue face. Howard Berger, one of the greatest make-up people... It's like a blue cast. They are going to run electricity through it. My character's name is Electro. For all you guys out there that really follow Spider-Man know it. What's funny though is doing the voice. The voice is like this...A world without mercy, a world without power...What's funny is when I forget my line, and I have to go back to my regular voice. A world without...Line please? Can I get some water too, please? A World Without...So, its really dynamic. Andrew Garfield is great. He is very good. Emma (Stone) is fantastic. You are going to love it. But look out for Dane DeHaan. Look out for that dude. Because he is amazing."