Jane Lynch talks about Glee's returnWhile out promoting her animated guest appearance in this week's upcoming episode of {0}, Jane Lynch spoke about Sue Sylvester's immanent return to the popular Fox series {1}. The Golden Globe nominated comedian did reveal that she will be singing her own show stopping tune before season's end, but she was quite tight lipped about her particular song choice. Here is what she had to say about the show's April return:

Today is the Glee kids first day back on set. Are you excited to get back to work with them? It's been quite awhile since you guys shot on those soundstages.

Jane Lynch: Yes, it's been since July. I started work yesterday. I worked this morning, too. All of the kids were there. It was great to see them. They were still enjoying victory from the People's Choice Awards last night, which they won for best show. All of the kids went up to accept, so they were all really happy.

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How are you prepping for the Golden Globes?

Jane Lynch: The hardest part has been the anxiety around the dress. Almost immediately, I went to a designer. He had one on a mannequin that I ended up choosing. Right now, it's all about relaxing and having a good time. I will tell you this. I will not be wearing a tracksuit. And I do not have a speech ready. Not at all.

What has the increased media attention been like since the popularity of Glee took off?

Jane Lynch: It's been lovely. I do a lot of these conference call things. And then there's the whole Golden Globes thing. Its like I have a second job doing publicity and interviews. But I love it. It's been great. It is a lot of attention. When you are in it, its almost like you can't feel it. When I was home for Christmas, my family was beside themselves in delight. They were thrilled that they have a family member on television. When I see how excited they are, it kicks in for me. When you are in it, it's overwhelming. For me, I just choose not to feel anything at all.

You've revealed that Sue will be singing in an upcoming episode of Glee. Are you excited about that challenge?

Jane Lynch: I am. I am very excited about it. I can't tell you what I will be singing, because its top secret. But I have recorded already. I have had several dance rehearsals. It's going to be funny. Laying down the track was fantastic. It's really a dream come true, because I love to sing. I got sing in A Mighty Wind, which was a dream come true as well. I really enjoyed that experience. Its not as easy as one thinks. You have to be right on tone wise, and right on pitch wise. I used to think I was very good at those things. According to Adam, I am not. He had to direct me several times.

Will you be singing in the upcoming Madonna episode?

Jane Lynch: I am always told, "Top secret, Jane! Top Secret!"

Have you faced any new challenges during the second half of this season?

Jane Lynch: Dancing. That's it. Everything else is easy. With dancing I have to work ten times harder than everyone else. Everything else is more of the same, with new twists and new problems. The agenda stays the same, but the tactics change a little bit. I don't quite know what is going to happen by the end of the season, or if I will be singing and dancing more. I have only read the first three scripts. That's all.

We saw a hint of Sue's nice side last year. Is that the last we will see of that?

Jane Lynch: I think that will always come back. There is a decency to Sue. I think she just really enjoys being an off person. She gets great glee out of being a terrible person. I think there were three or four moments in the last couple of episodes were you saw a decency and a rationality that wasn't there before. I think she really enjoys shocking people.

Do you think you will direct a episode of Glee in the near future?

Jane Lynch: That is a great question. I would like to. I want to do that. I haven't spoken to anyone about that. But I love directing. And I love calling the shots. I think Glee would be a great place to do it. The writers and directors that we get are just so amazing. And our DP is so great. You have to have a great DP if you want to be a good director. I am learning at the feet of many masters.

Glee returns in April. You can catch Jane in an all-new episode of The Cleveland Show this Sunday, January 10th at 9:30/8:30 c, only on Fox.