While on a mid-season break from acting as popular cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the hit series Glee, Golden Globe nominated comedian Jane Lynch lent her voice to an all-new episode of The Cleveland Show entitled Love Rollercoaster: S01E11. Which will premier Sunday, January 10th at 9:30/8:30 c, only on Fox.

On the show, new teacher Ms. Eck (guest voice Jane Lynch) encourages Roberta to alter her appearance in order to teach the teenager an important lesson. Cleveland Jr. befriends the disguised Roberta only to later fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Cleveland and the guys set out to invent the next infomercial product in the all-new Love Rollercoaster: S01E11 episode of The Cleveland Show. Here is what Jane had to say about her appearance:

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Ms. Eck and Sue Sylvester share some similar DNA. If they were to come face to face, who would emerge victorious in a battle of the wits?

Jane Lynch: Sue Sylvester! She would reign supreme. Ms. Eck has a chink in her armor. She carries a little more sensitivity. She is prone to self-doubt. Sue has none of that.

Did you have any input into what your animated character would look like?

Jane Lynch: No. Not at all. The rendering was set when I showed up for the reading. I think she is hilarious looking. They showed it to me before we starting taping. We did a table read, which is an amazing thing to do. Mike Henry does all of the characters, so to sit there and see him do a scene with himself is certainly something to behold. That's a genius at work. I got to see Ms. Eck's character rendering at the table read. I have not seen the episode yet, though.

I can't believe that someone with as many credits as you has never done animation before. Is that true?

Jane Lynch: You know what? It's not true. This is not technically my debut. I did a Holly Hobbie episode. I have guest starred on various cartoons. I did Space Chimps. And I am doing Shrek Forever After right now, too. This is not my debut. Some people thought it was, but its not.

Will we be seeing more animated projects from you?

Jane Lynch: I would love to do more. Yes. I am still auditioning for animated films. I did radio and television voice-overs for years. That was in the mid-90s. I enjoyed that work. And there is nothing better than voicing a character. Its great work. It's fun. I love doing it.

How was this in-studio experience different than shooting something on set?

Jane Lynch: You don't have to worry about what you are wearing. You have the script in front of you. It doesn't involve your body. It's all about your voice. And its fast work. Its also very lonely work. You are by yourself. Very rarely are you in a group. You act with yourself, and someone else mumbles the lines back at you. If at all. Seeing your work in something animated, you realize how little you have to do with all of it. It's always a surprise, and its always exciting to see. You never know what is going to happen when you're in that room by yourself.

Can you talk more about your voice work for Shrek 4?

Jane Lynch: I am playing Gretchen, the Ogre. There are a lot of Ogres in this new movie. It goes back in time. It's a little bit like It's a Wonderful Life. I play one of Shrek's Ogre friends.

Do you get to work with any of the other cast members at all?

Jane Lynch: No. It's all done in isolation.

When you were growing up, what animated series did you watch?

Jane Lynch: I wasn't a subversive kid. I liked Bam-Bam and Peebles, and I liked watching the animated Jackson 5. I liked Fred Flintstone. There was nothing really subversive. I did like to watch Speed Racer.

Do you have a favorite line from The Cleveland Show that is stuck in your brain?

Jane Lynch: Yeah. I laugh almost everyday about the fat above the groin area. There is a bit in there about that, and its funny.

The Cleveland Show is all-new this Sunday, January 10th at 9:30/8:30 c, only on Fox.