It's looking like Janet Jackson could be the next musician to get her own biopic, as a new movie about the legendary singer is reportedly in the works. According to an exclusive report from theJasmineBRAND, planning has begun for a biopic about the life and career of Jackson, and although "details are scarce," the project is said to be getting finalized and auditions have already begun. However, as with every other major motion picture project in development in Hollywood, production on the Janet Jackson Biopic has currently been halted temporarily for the safety of the cast and crew.

A major part of the world-famous Jackson family, Janet is the tenth and youngest child to Joe Jackson and Katherine Esther. As a young child, Jackson performed alongside her siblings for the '70s variety show The Jacksons, leading to other acting roles soon after on shows like Good Times, Diff'rent Strokes, and Fame. When she turned sixteen, Jackson's father Joe arranged a contract for her at A&M Records, further pushing the youngest Jackson on her own path to become an internationally famous music superstar. Her debut album, simply called Janet Jackson, would be released in record stores in 1982.

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In the years following Janet Jackson, Jackson continued to pursue a career in music, ultimately becoming a tremendously popular pop star by the late '80s. As her success continued to build, Jackson would end up selling over 100 million records to become one of the all-time highest-selling musical artists. This fame would later lead to her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which gave her the honors in 2019. Even those who don't listen to Jackson's music are still very familiar with the singer, in part due to the widespread controversy she caused along with Justin Timberlake during their halftime show at the Super Bowl in 2004. All this to say, Jackson has undoubtedly led an interesting life, and there's plenty of material to work with for a biopic.

In recent years, biopics centered on famous musicians like Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody have proven themselves to be big hits, both with critics and at the box office. This has likely contributed to the recent announcements of several other biopics in the works, following many famous musicians from years past. This includes upcoming movies about the Bee Gees, Whitney Houston, and David Bowie. Even Jackson's world-famous brother Michael has an all-new biopic in production as well, and wouldn't it be interesting if both of them came out around the same time?

As there's not much else known about the project, it remains a mystery who exactly will be involved in the Janet Jackson biopic. No director has yet been named and it's not clear who's writing the screenplay. No actresses have been listed yet either as possibilities to play Jackson, but now that we know a movie might be on the way, prepare to see fans speculating on social media over who might be a good fit to portray the famous pop star. This news was first reported by theJasmineBRAND.