Japan amusement parks are starting to reopen with strict rules about screaming and cheering. As the world starts to try and get back to some form of normalcy, theme parks are starting to either reopen or announce dates when their doors will open up again. Shanghai Disneyland was one of the first parks to do so with new social distancing guidelines set into place, which other countries are also adopting. However, Japan is putting their own unique spin on the reopening process.

Like most amusement parks trying to reopen all over the world, Japanese parks are recommending increased sanitizing measures, regular body temperature checks, and mandatory face masks. But the country has gone even further by not allowing visitors to scream or cheer while on rides. This will be easier said than done. Japan is known for its crazy rides, so this new section of guidelines may even be impossible to achieve, keeping certain people off of select rides.

These new guidelines were issued by the East and West Japan Theme Park Associations, which consists of 30 amusement park operators in Japan, "including Oriental Land Company (operator of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea) and Universal Studios Japan." LEGOLAND Japan is one of the first amusement parks to open in the country, with many more well on their way to reopening soon. As for why visitors will not be allowed to scream or shout in the parks, it is believed that those actions could inadvertently spread germs to other visitors, who could become sick.

Other amusement parks in Japan are starting to implement their own rules in regard to reopening. Fuji-Q Highland has decided to only open its outdoor attractions for the time being. In addition, they are only allowing local visitors from "Yamanashi, Nagano, Niigata and Shizuoka prefectures." That sounds reasonable, at least for now, but not being able to scream or shout on a rollercoaster seems like a bit much and could prove that maybe it's a little too early to be reopening if people can express their joy (or terror) to be screaming on their favorite rides while wearing a mask and social distancing from other park visitors.

In North America, Universal Orlando has decided to test the waters with a reopening date set for June 5th. At this time, they are allowing employees and VIPs to test things out with the new social distancing rules set in place. Disney World has announced that they are going to reopen on July 11th with limited capacity. As of this writing, it is believed that guests will be able to scream as much as they want while paying to get into the park and riding the Tea Cups. CNN was one of the first to reveal Japan's new no screaming policy within its amusement parks.