Godzilla just can't catch a break in the states. First there was Raymond Burr, who was added into the U.S. re-cut of Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, a move most feel completely bastardizes the 1954 classic. Then Roland Emmerich changed Godzilla's look for the 1998 reboot, which has been mocked and pretty much hated since it's release. Later Japanese movies would even pit their original 'Man in Suit' Godzilla against this CGI monstrosity. Now, despite how anticipated the film is, and how much fans seem to love the trailers, Gareth Edwards's Godzilla reboot is coming under its own scrutiny. Why? Because in Japan, where the character originated, fans feel the giant lizard has become way too obese for his own good.

Yes, there is a strong running belief that Godzilla is just too fat! It seems this take on the character has put on one too many pounds during his hibernation. And the critiscm has spread across the Internet. One adamant Japanese fan had this to say after seeing Godzilla for the first time.

""Whichever way you look at it, he's an American fatty!"

The name Godzilla is a combination of gorilla and kujira (meaning Whale). This new American version of the giant lizard pulls both of those animals into its physique and build, but that doesn't seem to matter. The people of Japan like their giant lizards to be on the svelte side. Another outraged fan Tweeted:

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"He got fat in America on cola and pizza!"

Japan is known for its image of Americans as a nation of expanding waistlines. This stereotype doesn't come without justification, as obesity levels are below 4% in that country compared to the U.S., where the obesity rate is 36%.

Here are other complaints heard about Godzilla in the past week.

"He's couch potato Godzilla ."
"It's got no neck."
"He Supersized."

At least a couple of the younger Japanese fans seemed to be okay with Godzilla's swelling beer gut.

"It's chubby and cute."
"It looks like a seal.
"I'm looking forward to this. Well, everyone gets middle-age spread."

While the Japanese fans have been pretty harsh in their fat shaming of the iconic beast, they are at least positive about the movie itself.

"It looks better than the last Hollywood Godzilla. He looks stronger than the original."

Godzilla marks the movie monster's 60th Anniversary, and will be released in Japan under the Toho banner. While Godzilla is ready to stomp on American audiences May 16, Japan will have to wait a little longer, as it doesn't open overseas until July 25. Maybe he can undergo a CGI tummy tuck before then. At this time, Warner Bros., Legendary Films and Gareth Edwards have no comment about his apparent weight gain. Perhaps he can get on the treadmill and slim down before the sequel.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange