Ahmed Best, the man behind Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequels, recently admitted that the severe backlash had him questioning his own life. Since then, Star Wars fans have been sharing their support with Best, and many are apologizing for heaping on the hate. Now, Simon Pegg has come out to say that he's ashamed of all the Jar Jar Binks bashing that he was a part of throughout the years after not taking the time to realize that there was a human behind the character.

In a new interview, Simon Pegg addressed the Star Wars toxic fandom as well as his own contributions to it over the years, which concern Jar Jar Binks. After Ahmed Best revealed his struggles with the severe hate of his character, it made Pegg reassess his take on the prequels and the character. In the end, he states that he felt "awful" and "ashamed." Pegg explains.

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"I feel so ashamed of the fact that there was actually a victim, a human victim in that. I think most people were regarding Jar Jar Binks like he was a real creature and wailing on him for being annoying, or whatever, or not liking him. But there was a person behind that. And I read that and just thought, Christ, I'm one of those people. It makes me feel awful."

Simon Pegg also talked about the current hatred of Star Wars that seems to have taken over a certain faction of fans who are upset about The Last Jedi. Director Rian Johnson has been getting trashed on social media ever since the movie came out, with a fan petition out currently to remake the entire film. Additionally, some of the more extreme of these "fans" forced Kelly Marie Tran to delete her social media accounts. Pegg says that in the end, it's just a movie and wishes that everybody would stop being so aggressive. He had this to say.

"There's no diplomacy in that, there's no empathy. We're becoming very, very insular as human beings. We're becoming very self-driven, selfist, our opinions, our needs, our wants. I feel sorry for Kelly Marie Tran because she was just in a film - a f*cking film, that's all it is. None of it matters, none of it. I think it would be nice if everyone just got on. You know and stopped being so aggressive."

The Last Jedi and then the rapid release of Solo: A Star Wars Story has brought Lucasfilm to foreign territory. The rabid fan base that has been so loyal over the years is starting to turn and gain a lot of attention, thanks to social media. While Simon Pegg apologizes for ripping into Jar Jar Binks for the last several years, there's not many more passionate fans that will join him. In the end, Pegg is right when he states it's "just a film... that's all it is."

Simon Pegg is currently out doing promotion for Mission: Impossible 6, which hits theaters this week. The actor is no stranger when it comes to overly critical fan bases with the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek franchise's under his belt. He even has a brief appearance in The Force Awakens as Unkar Plutt, so he's even officially a part of the Star Wars franchise. You can see the rest of what Pegg had to say about Jar Jar Binks and toxic Star Wars fandom below, thanks to the Now This Twitter account.