Wonder Woman has been blazing up the box office and gaining pretty much universal acclaim everywhere with fans and critics, and now you can add Jared Leto as a supporter of the DC movie. Wonder Woman has spent over 2 weeks at the top of the box office, but will fall down a notch or two this weekend with the release of Disney's Cars 3 set to take the number one spot. Wonder Woman's blockbuster success was seen as a welcome surprise to everybody involved after Suicide Squad left a bad taste in the mouths of DC fans.

Suicide Squad bit player, Jared Leto took his whole band and crew to a screening of Wonder Woman and they all apparently loved everything about the movie. Leto took to his Instagram account to share his enthusiasm over the movie. Leto had this to say.

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"Took the entire 30 Seconds to Mars CREW to Wonder Woman last night!!!! Loved the movie. Loved the actors. Loved everything about it. And Gal Gadot was perfect. Great work, congrats and thnx to team Wonder Woman and Warner Bros. Entertainment. PS. When I was a kid I used to watch the og tv series religiously."

The photo depicts the huge "crew" crossing their arms in an X like Gal Godot does in the movie to summon her powers. Leto also took to social media to promote the upcoming 30 Seconds to Mars record, which is set to be released "soon." Leto and the band shared a short clip full of dramatic slow motion effect and Leto walking in a glitter mask around tour busses along with a still picture that says "Yes this is a cult." A cult of what, we don't know, but fans of the band are all really excited about the glitter and the slow motion stuff.

Leto likes to remind you how O.G. he is. He was reading Nietzsche when he was a kid and has also stated that the original Blade Runner was a seminal moment of his childhood. And now he's representing the original Wonder Woman television series, let's face it, Leto did everything before us and he is truly more woke, which could lead to the new cultish angle of his band's new direction. He does live in an old Air Force bunker tucked into the side of a mountain after all, a perfect place to get woke and drink the kool-aid. Or maybe just discuss the intricacies of Red Hot Chili Pepper lyrics.

Anyway, Jared Leto saw Wonder Woman and he loved everything about it. Maybe we'll see his Joker take on Wonder Woman in the future if he's in a movie longer than 2 minutes. The Oscar winning actor is currently prepping the new 30 Seconds to Mars record and is playing select tour dates throughout the summer and early fall, go check them out if you're into that kind of thing. Join their cult, where fingerless gloves, get edgy, get woke, jump around and stuff. Check out Leto's Instagram post below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick