The actor gives us some possibilities on what we may expect from the upcoming season

On Friday the 13th, June 13th to be exact, I was sent to the set of Friday the 13th, which was just about to wrap up principal photography in Austin, Texas. Of the many people we got to talk to from this fresh new horror film was Jared Padalecki who stars as Sam Winchester on the hit CW series, Supernatural. As we were wrapping the interview up, I asked the actor for some tidbits on the upcoming season, which he'll start filming soon after this film wraps. Here's what he had to say.

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Jared Padalecki: Oh, right on!

I read an interview with the creators and they said that Dean might be in hell for longer than we may think. Can you elaborate on that at all?

Jared Padalecki: Yeah. I don't know a whole lot of the specifics, but I know there are a few episodes written. They're going to give me the outlines for them very very soon. I do something weird and if we're shooting Episode One and (the script for) Episode Two comes out, I won't even read it until I'm done with One, because I just don't want to start thinking about it. It started because Season 2 had a sex scene and I read about it a few episodes before. All I did was think, 'Oh God I have to wake up and go to the gym.' I was thinking about it three weeks before instead of worrying about what I'm shooting. So I've been careful because with the demanding schedule of Friday the 13th, but, while shooting those episodes, I don't want to start getting into Sam Winchester while I'm playing Clay Miller.

I've heard whisperings that he's going to be in hell and I might have to figure out a way to go get him, which would be wicked cool. I hope they end up doing that and I think there are whisperings that Sammy may have to get a little bit more dark-side that we've seen him, which I've been waiting for years to do, so I'm excited about that.

So when are they planning on premiering that season?

Jared Padalecki: They have us starting on the first week of July.

Will it be a fall premiere then?

Jared Padalecki: Yeah. I know they want to air us with Smallville, which is why they have us shooting earlier. Usually, Smallville premieres and we premiere a few weeks later, but they're bringing us back early so probably late August, early September is my guess.

Watch for my set visit preview coming up soon that will feature a special treat: a picture of yours truly and the new Jason, Derek Mears, in full costume, machete and all! That's all for now, folks. Peace in. Gallagher out!