Despite the fact that the film is being delayed by the writers' strike, Oliver Stone's upcoming drama keeps adding new members to its cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Jason Behr and Cam Gigandet have joined Pinkville.

The film is based on the 1968 My Lai massacre, which saw U.S. troops murdering innocent women, children, and the elderly. United Artists is producing the film through MGM.

Behr is set to play Lt. Stephen Brooks, the commanding officer in charge of the GIs at My Lai. Gigandet is staring as Fred Widmar, a soldier who is wracked with guilt and shame after witnessing the slaughter of that day.

The film is on indefinite hold until the writers' strike can be resolved. Bruce Willis has already dropped out of the project to star in The Surrogates. He may rejoin Pinkville if and when filming commences after the strike is over.