Guy X: According to Variety, American Pie star Jason Biggs has taken the lead role in Saul Metztein's Guy X, a black comedy set in a secret Arctic military base in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

The film, which started shooting April 26 on location in Iceland, also stars Natasha McElhone, Jeremy Northam and Michael Ironside.

Set in 1979 as Ronald Reagan is gearing up his presidential campaign and the Cold War is entering its endgame, "Guy X" is the story of a hapless American soldier transferred by clerical error to the Qangattarsa base in the Arctic, and unable to escape because he no longer officially exists.

It's adapted by Steve Attridge and John Paul Chapple from John Greismer's novel "No-one Thinks Of Greenland," itself inspired by the true story the secret American hospital where fatally injured soldiers from the Korean War, officially billed as missing in action, were sent to die.