One of this summer's biggest sequels is the highly-anticipated Jason Bourne, which brings star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass back together after a nine-year hiatus. With just a few weeks left until this action sequel hits theaters, three new clips have surfaced, the first of which gives us a new look at Alicia Vikander's character, CIA agent Heather Lee. This scene features Heather talking to Matt Damon's title character over the phone, while watching him through a live video feed.

This clip, courtesy of Universal Pictures, also features Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Dewey, the CIA director who tries to talk Jason Bourne into stopping his quest for the truth and come in. Dewey also makes mention of Jason Bourne's father who he calls a true patriot. While there is little we know about Jason Bourne's (i.e. David Webb) parents up until now, it's clear that his father has a history with the Treadstone program Jason was a part of. Dewey reveals that Bourne's father, Richard Webb, saw the threat towards America coming, hinting that he could have been one of the founders of Treadstone and the projects that came out of it, such as Blackbriar, Outcome and Iron Hand.

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The second and third clips feature much more action, with Matt Damon's title character stealing a motorcycle and taking out a number of his pursuers in rapid succession, while a full-blown riot erupts in Greece. The end of this scene shows Bourne picking up his former girlfriend/colleague Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) before taking off on his stolen police motorcycle. The third and final clip shifts the action to Las Vegas, where Bourne trades in his motorcycle for a sports car, as he tracks down Vincent Cassel's villainous character in an intense chase scene.

Production started back in September, when we got our first sneak peek at Matt Damon on set. The actor revealed this fall that, while Jason Bourne did get his memory back in 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum, it's been 12 years since that adventure, which was set in 2004, and he still doesn't quite know everything that happened to him. Director Paul Greengrass previously teased that Bourne has been spending his time in Europe, "doing hard physical work".

The supporting cast also includes Riz Ahmed, Neve Gachev and Scott Shepherd. Matt Damon also co-wrote the script with Paul Greengrass and Christopher Rouse (Captain Phillips, Green Zone). Jason Bourne has been given a July 29 release date, with this sequel going up against STX Entertainment's Bad Moms. Take a look at these new clips for Jason Bourne, as we get ready for this sequel's long-awaited release.