Hobo with a Shotgun was one of the most gleefully gory exploitation films to hit in recent years, and director Jason Eisener has become a small super star in the world of neo-Grindhouse cult fare. So it only goes to reason that interest in his next project would be quite high.

Its been known for awhile that the B-movie auteur was going to follow-up his gloriously bloody feature-length directorial debut with a movie called BVH. It wasn't known until know what that stood for, or what the movie would be about. While at UK's Frightfest, director, cinematographer, and Jason Eisener collaborator Karim Hussain was asked what he was working on next, and his answer was Blatant Violence High.

Blatant Violence High will be Jason Eisener official follow-up to Hobo with a Shotgun. It is said to be a martial arts film set in the world of high school. Jason Eisener himself says that its based on the old home computer video game Vigilante, and will be influenced by the 1979 cult classic The Warriors.

Back when Hobo with a Shotgun was released in theaters, we chatted exclusively with the director about this project. Here is what he had to say.

"Riki-Oh is an influence on (this) next film, a little bit. Riki-Oh is definitely an influence on Hobo with a Shotgun in a lot of ways. But there will be more of an influence on the next one. It's a martial arts movie that takes place at a high school. It's about all of the worst kids who have ever gotten kicked out of their high schools, and they are all brought to this really insane high school. Its like Escape From New York in some ways, yet set inside a high school. Its very much in the same vein as Hobo with a Shotgun. It looks at what high school life would be like in that world."