Peter Pan: In a recent interview with home town paper, The Redlands Daily Facts, Jason Isaacs talked about the most faithful recreation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan story ever:

" 'Peter Pan' is a great romantic adventure and love story between two kids on the edge of growing up,' says Jason Isaacs, who plays the dual roles of Capt. Hook and Mr. Darling.

"It's not about middle-age men on cell phones. And it doesn't have a menopausal woman slapping on green tights and inviting everyone to sing along.'

Now that we have that straightened out, we'll let Isaacs -- who has cornered the market on childhood terror between his role as Lucius Malfoy in "Potter' and now Hook in "Pan' -- explain what Barrie was onto 100 years ago.

"Wendy's got to grow up, so she creates this place in her head, Neverland, and Peter Pan, this creature who is never going to grow up, who represents all the great things about being a child -- selfishness and fun and adventure. And then she creates this other creature who represents all the terrifying and seductive things about growing up -- and it's her dad. But it's her dad who's a completely unfettered, carnal, murderous, suave, nightmare creature. And she's very drawn to it.'

Thanks to CS! for the heads up.