Peter Pan: In a recent interview with The Age, Jason Isaacs talked about is upcoming roles in the upcoming Peter Pan film:

Isaacs is looking forward to seeing the completed version of Peter Pan, which also stars Jeremy Sumpter in the title role and Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy Darling.

Though a fan of PJ Hogan's Muriel's Wedding, Isaacs insists that Peter Pan is the film the Australian director was born to make, "because he never really grew up, and he's very childish and I can say that because I'm the actor who never grew up."

"The versions we've seen before have never been what Barrie intended. It's not about a boy who never grew up at all. It's a rites-of-passage movie about a 12-year-old girl in Victorian London in a quite repressive household who is told that she has to grow up, and in those days there was no adolescence. Wendy is so traumatised here that she runs off to Neverland, and one reason you have the same actor playing Mr Darling and Captain Hook is that you never know if Neverland is a real place or one that Wendy's invented to work out what she's going to do about this growing-up business."

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