The Friday the 13th movie series is currently on hold pending the outcome of an ongoing legal battle over the rights, but Jason Lives director Tom McLoughlin already has a script written for another sequel. Called Jason Never Dies, the sequel would bring back Jason from the lake once again for a new killing spree set in the modern day. Although it would be considered a follow-up to Jason Lives, McLoughlin had remained very private about the details of his new story. Now, in a new interview with Bloody Disgusting, McLoughlin has revealed some new details on what he has in mind, which includes giving the story a winter setting.

In 1986, McLoughlin delivered his contribution to the Friday the 13th franchise with the sixth movie Jason Lives. The sequel has since established itself with a strong cult following as one of the most popular installments of the series. It starred Thom Mathews as Jason's long-time nemesis Tommy Jarvis and Jennifer Cooke as final girl Megan Garris, with the two sending Jason back to the bottom of Crystal Lake in the end of the movie. Mathews would recently reprise the role in the fan film Never Hike Alone, which is considered an unofficial sequel to Jason Lives.

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As the Tommy Jarvis storyline has already been explored in the world of fan films, McLoughlin has revealed he has no plans for the character in Jason Never Dies. Instead, he wants to present an all-new cast of innocent characters, each of whom are unfamiliar with the legend of Jason Voorhees. Also revealed is that the story will take place during the winter and the cast will consist entirely of women. From the interview:

"But one thing I'm doing that hasn't been done before is I'm putting Jason in the snow. So, from the beginning of the movie to the end, it'll all be in winter. And the camp is going to be a little different than what people will expect. As for the cast - because a lot of people have been asking me if it's gonna be Tommy Jarvis coming back - Thom Matthews, who's obviously Tommy in [Jason Lives], has been doing so many of these fan films that I don't know if I can do something really fresh with him."

Continuing to speak with Bloody Disgusting, director Tom McLoughlin went onto talk about leaving Tommy Jarvis on the sideline, and why it might be important to incorporate new characters while rebooting the franchise. This will allow for a fresh take from characters who aren't familiar with the Voorhees legend.

"So I basically kind of abandoned the idea of bringing him and Megan back, and went for this idea that the people involved in this one are going to be complete innocents. There's not going to be like I had in the other one, where they were making Jason jokes and all that kind of thing. They have no idea who this is, so it goes back to that: 'Oh, my God, is this a monster? Is this an alien? What the hell is this that's causing these murders?'"

Tom McLoughlin further went onto reveal that there won't be any guys at the cabin, as he plans to have a cast of final girls coming after Jason this time around. If this actually happens, he wants an all-girl cast to face off against Voorhees.

"One other thing I'll give away is that the entire cast is female, with the exception of Jason. And then there's three or four other things that have not been done before, which I'll hold back on so there can be some surprises."

We have seen almost everything in the Friday the 13th series. Jason Voorhees has brawled with Freddy Krueger, cruised to Manhattan, and traveled to outer space. Still, one environment the legendary movie murderer has yet to appear in would be the snow, as his killing sprees always seem to take place during the summer months. The fresh setting alone for Jason does add a lot of intrigue to this concept. As well, it's probably for the best for the next movie to feature a new cast of innocent characters, giving someone new an opportunity to figure out how to stop Jason Voorhees once and for all.

No matter what happens with the lawsuit, every Friday the 13th fan just wants to see it end so the movie franchise can continue. With an intriguing script already on deck from a fan favorite director of the series, there's no reason why production on a new project shouldn't begin right away once that final ruling is made. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a resolution ASAP. This information comes from McLoughlin's interview at Bloody Disgusting.