By way of free-to-watch Friday the 13th fan films, indie filmmakers are doing their best to keep Jason's machete warm for him while he awaits his return to the big screen. Never Hike Alone set the bar for just how good these types of fan films can be, and several similar movies are already in the works. Now joining the fray is the upcoming fan film Jason Rising from creators James Sweet, Karl Whinnery, and Robert Blanche. The project is now currently building its budget by way of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and an impressive sneak peek trailer has been released to give fans an idea of what to expect from the movie.

"Jason Rising follows Wessex County Sheriff Pete Daltry, along with local bounty hunters Jed and Bear, who are hot on the trail of three escapees from the Wessex County Corrections Farm. They soon realize that they have entered the cursed, hallowed grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, where the hunters become the hunted and history is never truly dead."
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Many horror franchises have inspired multiple fan films, but Friday the 13th in particular has probably spawned the most. After the success of Never Hike Alone, it became very apparent fans of the series were dying to see Jason kill again - even if it's on YouTube rather than the big screen. The upcoming fan film Friday the 13th: Vengeance will feature former Jason actor C. J. Graham starring as Jason's father, Elias, as well as the final performance of Friday the 13th Part 2's Jason actor Steve Dash. Another fan film, simply called Voorhees, will be hitting YouTube this fall, squaring Jason off against a group of armed robbers. It might not be the same as seeing an "official" movie on the big screen, but fan films like this do a lot to keep Jason's spirit alive while fans are forced to wait.

The last time we saw an "official" Friday the 13th movie was when the Platinum Dunes reboot hit theaters in 2009. We have now gone a full decade without any Jason Voorhees movies, and horror fans are absolutely dying to see a new killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake. The immense success of Friday the 13th: The Game proves how popular the franchise still is with fans, and the timing couldn't be any more perfect to bring Jason back to the big screen. For now, however, unofficial fan films on YouTube seem to be all fans are going to get.

For anyone unfamiliar with why Jason is currently banned from theaters, it's a matter of legalities concerning the rights. The original movie's screenwriter Victor Miller and director Sean S. Cunningham have been battling over the rights to the franchise in court, and although a judge ruled in Miller's favor several months back, Cunningham appealed the decision to keep the lawsuit alive. At this point, no studio will move forward with plans to produce another Friday the 13th movie until the legal battle is completely over, and there's just no telling when exactly that might be.

The trailer for the short film is pretty impressive, and those looking to get in on the perks offered from the Jason Rising crowdfunding campaign can do so now over on Indiegogo. With a goal of $30,000, the project has raised over $4,000 so far. You can also read more about the movie on its official website, and check out the sneak peek trailer below, courtesy of Red Crow Film on YouTube.