We recently caught up with Jason Statham on the set of his latest movie. While any and all information regarding that film is on complete lockdown at this point in time, we did get a chance to ask Jason about a few of his upcoming projects.

This is what the action icon had to say for himself:

In a recent interview, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor said that they were going to start shooting Crank 2 in April. What can you tell the fans about that one?

Jason Statham: Well, it is fucking ridiculous. In a nutshell. I mean, you thought the first one was a bit crazy. This one is ridiculous. It's mad, but in a good way. I couldn't resist. Working with those chaps again. And doing something in that vein. Again, this one is something very unique. It gives me a chance to go wild in the isles.

Is it a prequel?

Jason Statham: No, it's the follow-up. We carry on!

So, you didn't die?

Jason Statham: Of course not, I'm not robotic.

What about an The Italian Job sequel? Or The Transporter 3?

Jason Statham: Yeah, all of those are in talks. I have a massive yearning to do The Transporter 3 with Luc. We are just waiting for the script to be in a good spot. I think that will happen. Luc is actually coming up here in a week or so. And we will have a little talk about that. The Brazilian Job has been floating around for years. They need to get their fingers in that apple pie. So, they are trying to get that together. I don't know whether they are going to be able to make that work or not. There are more elements to try and get that one together. Charlize is busy, Walberg is busy. Everybody is busy. There are too many moving parts for that one to come quickly.

There were some rumors on line a few months ago that they were looking at you for a role in the G.I. Joe movie. Have you been approached about that? Is there any truth to that rumor?

Jason Statham: Well, the old internet can be quite misleading at times. I don't know where that came from. I have no connection to G.I. Joe. Also, I think they have me being in The Truce as well. That is so not on my menu.

Later on, Statham joked that he was going to be starring in The Submariner. He then laughed, "Yeah, this is how all of those internet rumors get started."

You can catch Jason Statham in Revolver when it opens December 7th, 2007.