Every couple of months, we like to check in on action icon and all-around good guy Jason Statham. This time, we grilled him at the press junket for his upcoming heist film The Bank Job. While we will have more from Jason on that film in the near future, he did fill us in on his busy production slate. Here, he talks about all of his future projects including Death Race, Crank 2, The Transporter 3, and The Brazilian Job.

This is what he had to say:

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Can you tell us about your upcoming slate of films?

Jason Statham: I think Death Race is going to be great. I can't wait to see some of the stuff from that. I stepped up to the chance to work with Ian McShane and Joan Allen. These are great actors and actresses. If I can keep that going. If I can keep working with great filmmakers, and great screenwriters, then I can't lose. You are so protected when you do that.

You are also working on The Transporter 3. Is that going to be shot in the states this time?

Jason Statham: We are going to shoot it in Paris.

What is the storyline?

Jason Statham: I can't say. (Laughs)

Is (producer) Steve Chasman involved?

Jason Statham: Steve's involved, yeah. Steve is the man. He is involved with all of the other ones.

What is the Status on The Brazilian Job now?

Jason Statham: It is not happening, you know? If it does happen, we'll all go, "Jesus!" Cause we don't expect it too. Because it has been stagnant for so long. It needs some dynamite under it to make it move. I am very happy to do it. I would love to work with Mark Walberg again. That was a great little group of people we had, there. That one is on the back burner. Once it is on the front burner, we will get busy. For now, we have two films lined up. If it came next week, we wouldn't be able to do it.

Crank 2 is for sure going into production in April or March?

Jason Statham: Yeah. In April. Crank 2. Crazy times. You thought the last sex scene was funny. Wait to you see the one in this.

Death Race opens September 12th, 2008. The Bank Job opens this March 7th, 2008.

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