Recent Academy Award nominee Javier Bardem (Biutiful) has been offered the lead role of Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower, although negotiations haven't started yet.

The news comes just after reports that Christian Bale was the front runner for the lead in Ron Howard's sprawling adaptation of Stephen King's novel series, which will span three movies and a TV series. While it isn't clear if Javier Bardem will accept the role or not, it is believed that director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer have found their nomadic gunslinger in Javier Bardem.

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Akiva Goldsman will write the first installment of The Dark Tower and he will also script the TV version of The Dark Tower as well. The story follows Roland Deschain, the last of a mysterious order of gunmen, who becomes humanity's last hope for survival as he goes on a quest to find The Dark Tower.

This is not the first time that Javier Bardem's name has been mentioned in connection to The Dark Tower. We reported at the end of December that he was one of the leading candidates for Roland Deschain, along with Viggo Mortensen.

No production schedule has been released, although a May 27, 2013 release date has been set for The Dark Tower. The TV series, which will either be a mini-series or a limited-run series, will air between the first and second movie.