October 21 is officially Back to The Future day, and with the first movie in the franchise about to celebrate it's 30th Anniversary, Universal Studios is pulling out all the stops. As any BTTF fan worth his salt knows, October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty and Doc go to in the future, as seen in Back to the Future Part II. And some of the artifacts from this fictional time period are becoming a reality. Earlier today, Pepsi announced that they are finally delivering their long-awaited Pepsi Perfect soda. And now, we have the official teaser trailer for Jaws 19.

We won't actually get to see Jaws 19. And after watching the teaser trailer, you'll probably agree that's for the best. The footage goes through the entire trilogy, offering the plots of Jaws 5 through Jaws 18, leading into this latest 'fictional' sequel. It sounds like Bruce the Shark and his brood have been through an awful lot, and it's good to see that Universal Pictures has a sense of humor about it's long dominant franchise.

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Jaws 5 is blasted for being a cash grab, which leads into the very sexy Jaws 6, which was made for the pure pleaser of it all. Jaws 7 focuses on CyberJaws, which hints that the shark was at one point loose on the Internet, causing people to fear logging-on. Jaws 8 brought the world RoboJaws, which made the world fear Robotic sharks, a clear nod to the original practical effect that brought Bruce to life in 1974. Chief Brody's grandson is on the hunt in Jaws 9, as he assembles a secret team of shark hunters. Jaws 10 decided to take on a spat of mockbusters as man and shark both battle all of the terrors of the deep. It's hinted that a giant Octopus may have played a key role in this sequel. Jaws 11 took the franchise into outer space. Jaws 12 was a prequel, and Jaws 13 was a sequel to that prequel. In Jaws 14, Bruce starts a family. Jaws 15 introduces a Russian Shark. Jaws 16 sends Bruce to the Big Apple, and Jaws 17 seems to be a remake of Jaws 6, except this time, the story is more closely based on Fifty Shades of Grey. Jaws 18: Origins is the mind-blowing reboot.

And now, in Jaws 19, the oceans are disappearing. To save their home, the sharks must attack! This time, it's really, really personal. The trailer ends with the tag 'Coming Soon!' And as we all know from Back to the Future Part II, the movie is directed by Steven Spielberg's son Max Spielberg. He was only four-years-old when Back to the Future Part II opened in 1989. He's now 30 years old, and this sequel marks his 'fictional' directorial debut. Perhaps some of the futuristic ideas in Back to the Future Part II were too ambitious. To date, Max only has a hand full of acting and assistant credits to his name.

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly is taking in all the sights to see as he arrived in Hill Valley for the first time, circa 2015. He soon arrives at the town's new HoloMax Theater, and is 'attacked' by a holographic killer shark as part of an aggressive ad campaign. After the Shark bites down on him, and disappears, he explains, "Still looks fake."

This faux trailer for Jaws 19 arrives just after we got a commercial for Pepsi Perfect, also introduced in Back to the Future Part II. Pepsi officially confirmed the long-awaited creation of this famous soda, and it will officially be available on October 21, 2015, paying homage to the date Marty McFly travels to in the future. Since 1989, Back To The Future enthusiasts have waited patiently to see how the future unfolds. And that's certainly starting to happen!

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