Jaws 2 is known for being one of the best of the franchise, and for some, it's one of the best sequels in history. It was briefly even the highest grossing sequel of all time until Rocky II came along in 1979 to knock it out. The movie came out a few years after Steven Spielberg directed the original film and had a pretty difficult birth for a variety of reasons. Even so, Jaws 2 was a box office success and there are now 180 never-before-seen pictures from the making of the movie that have just surfaced online.

David Mann is responsible for sharing these awesome new pictures from the set of Jaws 2. The movie was filmed on the Emerald Coast in Florida and the pictures show off some of the different versions of the shark, which was nicknamed "Bruce II" after Steven Spielberg named the first version "Bruce" after his lawyer. Out of the three shark models that were used for the sequel, the "platform shark", also referred to as the "luxurious shark," is the one that is seen the most in the production shots that were mainly used to show the shark coming out of the water.

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The "platform shark" can clearly be seen munching on some high voltage in the behind-the-scenes shots that were just uncovered. Not only are the Jaws 2 pictures really cool to see, but they also highlight how hard it must have been to film the sequel in the ocean. There have been stories of filming that credit changes in tide, hurricane warnings, riptides, jelly fish, and even real-life sharks to making the production a total nightmare. Not to mention that the sea water was slowly destroying all of the equipment, including the shark models.

Steven Spielberg was asked to come and direct Jaws 2, but he declined, stating in 1975 that "making a sequel to anything is just a cheap carny trick," which is pretty amusing to look at now. However, he briefly considered coming back to the fold and even wrote a treatment that would have made the movie a prequel instead. The prequel was going to be based off of the USS Indianapolis, a real-life story of the greatest single loss of life at sea, from a single ship, in the history of the US Navy. However, the studio wasn't interested.

Jaws 2 went through 18 months of production before firing original director John D. Hancock and replacing him with Jeannot Szwarc, who added some lighter elements to the film as well as some humor at the request from the studio. Jaws 2 could have been a very different beast when it hit theaters in 1978, but through all the trials and tribulations, it's still one of the most beloved of the Jaws franchise. You can head over to NWF Daily News to see all 180 behind-the-scenes pictures from the set.