Jaws is celebrating its 45th Anniversary this weekend. The classic Steven Spielberg thriller ushered in the summer movie season way back on June 20, 1975. And nothing has ever been the same since. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Ian Shaw, son of iconic Jaws actor Robert Shaw, presents a Jaws 45th Anniversary Tribute Video that sees fans from all over the world recreating the giant shark movie in various mediums. you can check out the hour and fifteen minute video here in all it's glory.

This celebration of Jaws is presented by The Daily Jaws on Youtube. And they are thrilled to bring this unique new video your way for the movie's 45th birthday. The Daily Jaws has this to say about the remake.

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"Happy 45th Anniversary Jaws! Produced by The Daily Jaws and created by over 100 super-fans around the world, this special 45th anniversary of Jaws film uses a mix of live action, animation, action figures and stop motion to reimagine the 1975 shark thriller. Jaws WeMake is a humble thank you to the cast and crew who spent 159 days on Martha's Vineyard to bring us the arguably the greatest movie ever made."

Jaws chomped its way into the American psyche in the summer of 1975. Steven Spielberg instantly made a name for himself with this giant shark thriller, which was based on the bestselling novel by Peter Benchley, which had only just come out the prior year.

In Jaws, a man-eating great white shark attacks beachgoers at a summer resort town, prompting police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) to hunt it with the help of a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a professional shark hunter (Robert Shaw). Murray Hamilton plays the mayor, and Lorraine Gary portrays Brody's wife. The screenplay is credited to Benchley, who wrote the first drafts, and actor-writer Carl Gottlieb, who rewrote the script during principal photography.

45 years later, Jaws is still considered one of the greatest movies ever made. And it was the first-ever summer blockbuster. Many regard it as a watershed moment in Film history. It became the highest grossing movie of all time during its release. But it later got unseated in 1977, when George Lucas' Star Wars hit theaters. Both of these movies are pivotal in establishing the Hollywood blockbuster model still used to this day.

Jaws was followed by three different sequels of varying success. None of them had the involvement of Steven Spielberg or creator Peter Benchley. This new 45th Anniversary fan-made remake is as close to a reboot as we're likely to see. Steven Spielberg has no intentions of ever remaking Jaws, or passing it off to the hands of someone else. So, we'll just have to be content with this cool mash-up of mediums in reliving our shark fantasies.