It's hard to decide which of the new action figure reveals from NECA coming out of Toy Fair 2020 is the most amazing, but the newly-unveiled Jaws figures of Quint and Brody are certainly among the best. From "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in They Live action figures to new versions of the Ghostface killer from Scream, there's definitely a lot here to enjoy for horror movie fans and NECA collectors, and even more big reveals are still expected to come yet. You can take a look at the Quint and Brody figures below.

Photos of NECA's new Jaws figures are making their way around social media courtesy of fans in attendance at Toy Fair, and both of them really do look amazing. Bearing the likenesses of Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw, Martin Brody and Sam Quint kick off the new NECA line of clothed Jaws action figures. Standing at 8" tall, the figures also come with plenty of unique accessories, including a machete, chum bucket, various firearms, binoculars, and a scuba tank. All that's missing here, aside from Bruce the shark himself, is Richard Dreyfuss' character Matt Hooper.

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Based on the Peter Benchley novel of the same name, Jaws was co-written by Benchley and Carl Gottlieb and directed by Steven Spielberg. It tells the story of a giant man-eating great white shark terrorizing a New England beach, leaving it up to the local sheriff Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), professional shark hunter Quint (Robert Shaw), and oceanographer Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) to put a stop to the sea beast's reign of terror. Upon its release, the movie found instant success with great critical and commercial acclaim, setting the record as the highest-grossing movie of all time until Star Wars took that spot in 1977.

The story of Jaws would continue in the 1978 sequel, Jaws 2, which brought back Scheider as Sheriff Brody. 1983's Jaws 3-D and 1987's Jaws: The Revenge would follow in subsequent years, though each would fall well short of earning the same acclaim procured by the 1975 original. It's truly bizarre how the fourth installment of the series is considered by many to be among the worst movies ever made, while the first Jaws is very highly regarded and looked at by most as one of history's all-time greatest movies. Clearly, there was just a certain charm to the original movie that none of the sequels were able to duplicate.

The characters from Jaws have also been turned into Funko Pop! figures as well, which even includes a set of Bruce the shark devouring Quint. Nearly five decades past the classic movie's release, it's really nice to see that Jaws remains just as popular as ever, and the fan in me really loves seeing it getting so many awesome new collectibles. Hopefully, many more Jaws figures are also on the way from NECA. The photo of NECA's new action figures from Toy Fair 2020 shown above comes to us from the user benjis.stories on Instagram.

Jaws Brody Action Figure NECA #1
Jaws Brody Action Figure NECA #2
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Jaws Brody Action Figure NECA #4
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Jaws Quint Action Figure NECA #1
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Jaws Quint Action Figure NECA #3
Jaws Quint Action Figure NECA #4