Just a little earlier today, a big story broke that Steven Spielberg is considering taking DreamWorks to Universal after his contract with Disney runs out, which happens after the director's next project, the family adventure The BFG. An item that is wedged into this report is the fact that Steven Spielberg is very key on rebooting two extremely popular franchises. Yes, as blasphemous as it sounds, the director wants to remake both his 1975 directorial effort Jaws and 1985's Back to The Future, which he produced for director Robert Zemeckis. This is what THR had to say about this somewhat shocking news.

"[Steven Spielberg] is key on potential reboots of other Universal franchises such as Jaws and Back to the Future."
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Steven Spielberg's decision to bring DreamWorks to Universal is in no way a done deal, and it isn't clear if these reboots will only happen once a deal is struck. Steven Spielberg has always had his offices on the Universal Pictures lot, even while his DreamWorks company had distribution deals with Paramount and Disney.Steven Spielberg was a very "hands-on" executive producer on the studio's massive box office hit Jurassic World, and he is also a vital part of the studio's plans for the sequel, Jurassic World 2, and their future theme park plans for the franchise. Even without Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks at Universal, it sounds like he will still be a vital part of their reboot process.

Both Jaws and Back to The Future had heavy involvement from Steven Spielberg in all aspects of making them successful. His name on any potential remake or reboot would be vital to the success of both franchise carrying on into the future with new movies. But most are probably balking at the idea of a Jaws. But it's more likely to happen than another Back to The Future movie.

The Back to the Future rights are held by director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale, with the director revealing this summer that he would never approve of a Back to The Future remake, which would only happen after both he and Bob Gale, who collaborated on the screenplay together, have passed away. And that probably won't be anytime soon, unless, god forbid, some sort of accident were to happen to both of them. Though, is there is one man that could convince the duo to return to the property it would be Steven Spielberg.

A representative for Universal Pictures says the studio will "welcome the chance to be DreamWorks' distribution partner," but nothing is in the works as of now. Wherever DreamWorks lands, they will have funding for their own projects that will come with it. Participant Media's Jeff Skoll is reportedly making a $200 million investment in DreamWorks, with the studio reportedly raising between $150 million and $200 million from other sources. These funds could enable the studio to green light their own projects without additional funding. The director is not known for "over-spending" on his projects, but in today's youth-oriented market, there aren't many studios who are interested in making the adult-driven movies the filmmaker is known for.

Steven Spielberg's next movie, Bridge of Spies, is set for release on October 16, and he has already committed to directing Ready Player One next for Warner Bros. The potential move to Universal comes in the midst of the studio's record-breaking year at the box office. Last week, it became the first studio in history to have three movies gross more than $1 billion globally, Jurassic World, Furious 7 and Minions. Do you think Universal and Steven Spielberg should remake Jaws and Back to The Future? Or is that just wrong?