According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original summer blockbuster resurfaces June 14. Universal Studios Home Entertainment revealed details of its Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition, saying Thursday that it will be a two-DVD set loaded with extras, including a two-hour documentary on the movie that became a cultural phenomenon while making Steven Spielberg the hottest director in Hollywood.

Other bonus materials include deleted scenes and outtakes as well as production photos, story boards, an inside look at the marketing of Jaws and a rarely seen interview with Spielberg on the set of the film.

Jaws first hit screens June 20, 1975, and quickly became the industry's biggest film in history. The film eventually grossed $260 million at the domestic boxoffice and is No. 45 on The Hollywood Reporter's Boxoffice Champs list, though when ticket prices are adjusted for inflation, Jaws is the seventh-biggest movie in history, according to the Web site