While Funko Pops really have the market on big headed, cartoonish figures based on popular movie, TV and game franchises, TUBBZ has been quietly churning out their own brilliant and unique line of collectables - in the form of rubber ducks. Having previously given us 3.5 inch ducky versions of the Ghostbusters,Lord of The Rings, Rocky, Back to The Future (which really should have been renamed Quack To The Future) and many more, the latest collection brings little yellow versions of Chief Brody, Quint, Hooper and Bruce the Shark from Steven Spielberg's 1975 thriller Jaws.

Tubbz are one of a kind collectibles that are perfect if you are stuck what to buy for a movie buff, the range is awesome in scale and not too badly priced either. What makes these rubber duck toys stand out is the thought that goes into making them look like the characters they are designed to be. Designed by Numskull Designs, each duck is created as a "cosplayer" which is instantly recognizable even to those who haven't seen the franchises they belong to .

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The latest batch gives us a cute little version of "Bruce" the shark, which had a wide open mouth out of which pokes a little ducky face. The official description read: "Da dum... da dum... what's that approaching? A killer shark?! Oh wait-it's just a quacking duck dressed as the infamous great white, Bruce. That doesn't mean it's any less dangerous though!"

In addition to Bruce, we also have Quint, the rough and ready captain of the Orca. Quint comes clutching a can of beer and wearing his trademark jacket, cap and blue shirt. Where this one, and many of the designs excel, is the precise representation of the facial hair, which includes grey moustache and sideburns. Third in the collection is Hooper, and you can almost see Richard Dreyfus looking back at you. Again, the beard is spot on, as is the lay of the hair and it is all finished off with a wristwatch and pair of spectacles. Finally, we have Chief Brody, again wearing glasses and in this case spooning out raw meat while smoking on a cigarette as in the immediate prelude to the final scenes of the film.

Jaws is still rated as one of the greatest movies of all time over 45 years after its release. As one of the first movies to receive a PG rating with the additional warning that some scenes were likely to be too distressing for small children, it seems an unlikely choice to base a cute little duck design on, but somehow, in the madness of it all, it works and once you see them, you really want one. With there being a huge surge in nostalgia for everything from the 1970s through to the early 1990s, this kind of tie in novelty couldn't be better timed. Like Funkos, it seems like there is still a lot of ground for the collection to cover when they are clearly going for some diverse subjects.

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