Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in January 2020. Kevin Smith released the movie to select theaters in October for a limited engagement. Smith and Jason Mewes are currently on tour, bringing the long-awaited sequel to theaters and doing exclusive Q&A events, which finishes up in February of next year. For Smith fans that have not been able to make it to these events, it's nice to know that the movie will be available to watch at home really soon.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will be available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray starting January 21st, 2020. Though not announced, it is believed that the movie will also be available digitally on that date too. As for hitting a streaming service, that information is not clear at the moment, but one can imagine it will be somewhere for streaming in the near future. Kevin Smith worked hard to get the movie done this year and brought along a lot of friends to get everything worked out in the best possible way.

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Fans who pre-order the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Blu-ray and DVD from Legion M, who helped finance the project, will receive a replica Chronic Con badge that both Jay and Bob wear in the movie. As for a commentary track, that will not be available on the physical and digital releases, but it's expected that Kevin Smith will provide it on his podcast. Bonus features have not been revealed, though it is believed the movie will come with a bunch of bonus material, including deleted scenes and a gag reel.

The Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow is still going for fans who want to see the movie in a theater. So far, the tour has been successful, with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes selling out many of the screenings. There's only a handful of dates available before the end of the year and then about a month's more when the new year begins. Smith has an amazing relationship with his fans and these events have been very special for everybody involved, since it wasn't so easy to bring the movie to the big screen.

Kevin Smith worked very hard to get the movie written and completed after suffering a heart attack. He updated everybody throughout the production process, keeping fans up to date with everything, including the celebrity cameos. Instead of hearing about it from gossip sites, Smith went ahead and beat everybody to the punch by releasing videos and images from behind-the-scenes. As for the cameos, there are many, and the same thing goes for Easter Eggs in relation to Smith's past movies. It's good that the movie will be available to own soon, which will allow fans to dissect every little thing. You can head over to Legion M for more details on the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot home release.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Cover Art Chronic-Con Lanyard Blu-ray Image
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Cover Art Chronic-Con Lanyard DVD Image