Kevin Smith is finally releasing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot this week. We now have a new clip and poster from the highly anticipated sequel. Not many people expected Smith to ever deliver on the promise of another Jay and Silent Bob movie, but after suffering a major heart attack in early 2018, the writer/director has been on a mission to get things done, and quickly. Smith was so excited to start working on the project that he even started the editing process on the weekends between shoots, which means everything was done fairly quickly and very efficiently.

The new Jay & Silent Bob spot shows off some previously seen footage, along with Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth, who stopped by for a cameo. He appears in the new footage right next to Iron Bob, which is Kevin Smith's tribute to Thor's good buddy Tony Stark. We even get to see Smith inside the suit using some Stark-type tech to get some action taken care of. As for the poster, it's a tribute to nearly everybody who took part in the movie.

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The main Jay & Silent Bob Reboot cast is front and center for the latest poster, while the numerous cameos and co-stars are spread all around the artwork. Even Iron Bob is there with Chris Hemsworth right below him. Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Harley Quinn Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Val Kilmer, Melissa Benoist, Joey Lauren Adams, Rosario Dawson, Jason Biggs, James Van Der Beek, Brian O'Halloran, Craig Robinson, Method Man, Diedrich Bader, Fred Armisen, and more are all featured on the poster.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot was written after Kevin Smith's health scare and it influenced every frame of the movie. "Hopefully, they'll let me off the hook for it. But if not, I don't care. I almost died, so people can say whatever they want about my movies," says Smith about the emotional aspect of the sequel. Along with a major life event for Smith, one for Jason Mewes also influenced the movie. Smith had this to say.

"We had a story because Jay became a dad. Over the course of watching him become a dad, the script wrote itself. He was the guy least likely. You wouldn't hand Jay a carton of eggs, let alone another human life, let alone a small, baby human life. And still, there he was, trapped in new responsibility, hands down, the best father I ever met in my life."

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot hits select theaters this week, starting on October 15th and 17th. From there, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are taking the movie on the road for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow. The tour will take then into early next year, which is when Smith will more than likely start to dive into the production of the long-awaited Clerks 3. The new Jay & Silent Bob Reboot footage was provided by the Saban Films YouTube channel.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot