Jay & Silent Bob Reboot finally begins production very soon. Director Kevin Smith has been trying to bring back his most classic characters for another full-length movie for some time now. Smith has had some bumps along the way, most notably his serious heart attack last year that almost ended his life. But he's got a new lease on life these days and, after lots of talk, this movie is finally coming together.

Kevin Smith took to social media to reveal that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will begin filming next week. The Clerks filmmaker mused about how he initially posted on Instagram about the movie just over two years ago and encouraged his followers not to give up. The post was shared with a familiar image of Silent Bob's not-so-smiley face pin. Here's what Smith had to say.

"I first posted about #JayAndSilentBobReboot on Instagram 2/9/17. It's been 2 years and 1 week since that post, during which time I almost died. But a week from Monday, we finally start rolling on Reboot. Never give up, Kids. Even when your heart wants to."

Things got cooking recently when Saban Films partnered with Kevin Smith on the project. Legion M, the company behind movie's such as Anne Hathaway's Colossal and Nicolas Cage's Mandy, is also involved. Prior to this, Smith had been trying to get Clerks 3 going, but that fell apart. He also was prepping a Mallrats sequel, which eventually was turned into a TV series, but that also failed to gain any actual traction. And so, he decided to reunite with his friend and frequent collaborator, Jason Mewes, for another go around with Jay and Silent Bob.

Part of what made this project easier, in some ways, to get going is that Kevin Smith actually owns the rights to Jay and Silent Bob. As Smith explained in that Instagram post a couple of years ago, he doesn't actually own Clerks or Mallrats, so those are much more out of his control. This will be the first movie that Smith has directed since Yoga Hosers, which starred his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp. The movie, a sequel of sorts to Tusk and is the second installment in a planned "True North" trilogy, that will also include Moose Jaws, which is, as Smith has put it, "Jaws with a moose."

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be "the same movie" as its predecessor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in which, the duo has to make their way to Hollywood in order to stop a reboot of the Bluntman and Chronic movie. Aside from that, Smith previously said that Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Ramon from The Flash will have roles and, more recently, he revealed that he'll be replacing the iconic RST Video with a Redbox. With production slated to begin soon, we expect many more details will be revealed in the near future. Be sure to check out the post from Kevin Smith's Twitter below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott