Kevin Smith surprised fans by releasing the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer a few days early at San Diego Comic-Con. However, there were more shocks to be found when watching the actual trailer, including the return of Ben Affleck as Holden McNeil. When the reboot started production, that scene had not even been written because Smith and Affleck had not spoken to each for close to a decade by that point after having a falling out. Thankfully, they have reunited and Smith recently took time to explain how it happened.

It's unclear why Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith had a falling out to begin with. The director has alluded to it over the years and insinuates he was to blame. It doesn't seem to matter anymore now that the two are back in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and more importantly, together as friends. Before getting into how they reunited, Smith first talked about what Affleck is bringing to the table for Reboot. He explains.

"MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK! When the trailer for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot dropped, folks found out a few of our secrets - one of the biggest being that Ben Affleck is back as Holden McNeil! The co-creator of Bluntman and Chronic and friend of Jay and Silent Bob plays a crucial role in the Reboot and his scene is one of the best bits of cinema I've ever been involved with: it's absolutely magical and life-affirming and all the things I really care about now, post-heart attack."

Kevin Smith reached out, and had many reach out to him, when it came time to shoot Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The director was constantly showing old friends stopping by the set for cameos, which were revealed for SDCC, including Jason Lee on the first day. But, fans were waiting to see if Ben Affleck was going to come back. As it turns out, one interview question was all it took to set the wheels in motion. Smith had this to say.

"But when we started shooting the movie, the scene didn't exist. This scene - and more importantly, my reunion with a guy who I've missed terribly for nearly a decade - only happened because of Kevin McCarthy. Kev interviewed Ben for his Netflix movie Triple Frontier and kicked off by asking Ben 'Did they call you for Reboot yet?' And Ben said no, but he was available. So producer Jordan Monsanto said, 'Call Ben.' I told her 'That's just some nice shit to say at a junket. He wasn't serious.'"

After seeing Ben Affleck's answer to the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot question and some gentle pushing from friends and family, Kevin Smith reached out. Obviously, Smith did it in his own original way, which Affleck clearly appreciates. One can easily tell how much it meant to the director to reunite with his old friend after so long. You can read their exchange, as told by Smith, below.

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"A week later, Jordan, Jason Mewes and Jen Schwalbach we're all pressing me to reach out to Ben, so I finally did. I was scared to be rejected, but I texted him 'To paraphrase the sad old King Osric in CONAN THE BARBARIAN? 'There comes a time when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is a director's love for the people he used to make pretend with.' And after a long beat of wondering how he'd receive this, my estranged friend wrote back as only he could: 'Of course you still liken yourself to a king,' he joked. And then 'Would be a pleasure to see you again, Old Man.' So naturally, weepy me - who breaks down emotionally during comic book flicks - was a blubbery mess. Not only did we score an amazing scene for the flick, but I also got my friend back - all because of entertainment journalism. Thank you, Kevin McCarthy - your Viewaskew themed opening question not only allowed me to make an 8 page sequel to Chasing Amy in the middle of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, it also brought back a massive missing piece of my heart."

Kevin Smith has been changing his priorities ever since his health scare and has been sharing his journey with friends and fans on social media. Many fans kept waiting to see a picture of Ben Affleck show up on Smith's feed during the production of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it's finally here. You can check out the reunion post below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Instagram account.

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