Kevin Smith has revealed that Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is going to feature two mystery actors playing Bluntman and Chronic. For once, Smith didn't come right out and tell us who is going to be taking on the roles. Ever since production started on the highly anticipated sequel, Smith has been basically announcing every cameo, so it appears that he is slowing down a bit. In addition, the director/writer released another chapter of the Road to Reboot where he shows off the new Quick Stop.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is now in its third week of production and Kevin Smith is giving us another behind-the-scenes sneak peek at what we're going to see on the big screen. This time, Smith posted a picture of the Blunt-Cave, including a shot of the original suits used in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Smith also teased some new actors who will be playing the iconic duo. He had this to say.

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"Week 3 of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot begins with us going back to the Blunt-Cave! We brought the classic costumes in from The Secret Stash as set dec, but wait 'til you see the *new* costumes! And wait 'til you see who plays Bluntman and Chronic in their reboot..."

Over the weekend, Kevin Smith uploaded Road to Reboot Chapter 4. The director/writer revealed that they did not have the budget to go shoot in New Jersey where the original Quick Stop is, so they reconstructed it in New Orleans. In a moment that should shock absolutely nobody, Smith begins to cry when thinking about bringing the Quick Stop back for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

Kevin Smith has spent the last 25 years bringing stories about characters nobody ever cared about to the big screen. This is something that Smith does not take lightly and he gets emotional when talking about it in the latest episode of Road to Reboot. Obviously, the director/writer's health scare last year has given him a new lease on life and he is very happy to still be able to do what he loves the most.

A new episode of Road to Reboot should be out any day now. Kevin Smith more than likely spent the weekend editing. The director admits that he has already put together the first scenes of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot along with the ending, which he calls "beautiful." As for who is going to play Bluntman and Chronic in the reboot, that is anybody's guess at this time, but one can imagine that it will be firmly placed in reboot culture. It would not be surprising to see Smith using female actresses to take on the roles this time around to fully dig into the world of reboots. You can watch the latest episode of Road to Reboot and the picture from the set below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Twitter account.