Kevin Smith has released a new clip from Jay and Silent Bob Reboot where he introduces us to his Tony Stark tribute Iron Bob. Smith is busy on the promotional campaign for the highly anticipated movie and preparing for its release next week. The director/writer doesn't even have his current movie in theaters yet and he has already announced that he is working on Clerks 3, which will more than likely begin production early next year.

Going back to Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith continues to live out his wildest comic book fantasies on the big screen, which he has done numerous times over the past few years. This time, he's taking on the Marvel Cinematic Universe after including the Star Wars franchise and Batman franchise in past movies. Smith had this to say about his Iron Bob suit in the movie.

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"IN 5 DAYS, marvel at the invincible IRON BOB when Jay & Silent Bob Reboot in a theater near you! (Go to the Fathom Events or the Cineplex Movies for details and theaters!) Making movies has always been a bit about wish fulfillment for me - so as far back as when Silent Bob pulled a Batman off the elevator in Mallrats, I've added bits into my flicks that allow me to be my heroes for a moment in a movie.

Considering I Bluntsaber battled the one and only Mark Hamill in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, it's understandable that I'd wanna climb inside a Mark I knockoff suit (built by Robert Kurtzman) and be Tony Stark in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot! And in my role as Bluntman V Chronic movie director Kevin Smith, I also get to invoke Marvel while paraphrasing one of my favorite lines from Strike Back! Check us out next week Tuesday and Thursday in the U.S. and Tuesday and Friday in Canada!"

The Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Iron Bob clip is really short, but it gets the point across. Jay introduces his "hetero life mate" Iron Bob to a crowd as the character busts through a door. It's funny and triumphant at the same time. Kevin Smith is obviously pretty proud of this moment and he even got legendary special makeup FX artist Robert Kurtzman to lend a hand in making the Tony Stark-influenced suit come to life.

Kevin Smith recently came out to defend MCU movies after Martin Scorsese said they were "not cinema." Smith accepts the iconic director's opinion, but believes he doesn't have the emotional connection that the fans have, so therefore, he doesn't get it. Smith isn't bashing Scorsese, he's just stating where the fans are coming from, which is a big indicator as to why the movies are so successful.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot hits theaters for a special set of screenings on October 15th and October 17th, which is next week. After the 17th, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are taking the movie to select cities for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow and that takes them into early next year. The duo will be taking part in Q&As at each stop and offer up VIP experiences to. While we wait for the movie to hit theaters, you can check out the Iron Bob clip below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Instagram account.

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