Kevin Smith continues to offer behind-the-scenes looks at Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The director has started a new web series titled Road to Reboot and today marks the first Chapter. Since it's the first video in a series, it begins right from the start when Smith and crew were location scouting in New Orleans. The director admits that he used to hate the tech scouting aspect about making his movies, but admits to maturing in the last 25 years.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will have a scene inside a New Orleans airport along with a huge courtroom. Kevin Smith says that he was originally looking for a small courthouse, but fell in love with a huge courthouse that they found and teased that Jay & Silent Bob may find themselves in some legal trouble in the movie. Jason Mewes is also featured in the tech scout video, sitting in the judge's chair and making jokes into the microphone.

Kevin Smith is really excited to get Jay & Silent Bob Reboot into theaters and plans on having it premiere before the end of the year. Production officially started on Monday of this week, which is also the one-year anniversary of Smith's nearly fatal heart attack, and the director posted an emotional message on social media to celebrate. In addition to the celebration, Smith confirmed that Jason Lee is starring in the movie as Brodie Bruce and fans are pretty happy about that. So far, Lee is the only cast member other than Jason Mewes and Smith that has been officially confirmed.

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Jay & Silent Bob Reboot has been in the works for years, but Kevin Smith has really put a focus on the project over the past few years. The director is always good with sharing his thoughts on social media, but he has a new lease on life since his heart attack and is going through and giving long-time fans a cool and unique look at his creative process. It's almost like the bonus material from a DVD as the production is happening and it's a really cool gift for fans who have been waiting for this sequel.

A release date for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot has not yet been revealed, but Kevin Smith aims to have the sequel out by this fall. Production is expected to last through the month of March in New Orleans and that will give Smith around six months to edit and conduct reshoots if needed. The director is confident that the turnaround time will be really quick and one can imagine that he won't have too much CGI involved in his filmmaking process. However, we could end up seeing another epic battle like the Cocknocker battle from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. You can watch the first episode of Road to Reboot below, thanks to Kevin Smith's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick