Get some tissues ready, as Kevin Smith will include a tribute to the late Stan Lee in his upcoming movie Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. This will serve as Smith's return to his own cinematic universe, the View Askewniverse, which started with his debut movie Clerks back in the 90s, long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe made interconnectivity all the rage. Smith hasn't dipped into this well in more than a decade, which makes it special for his fans. Now, we know it's going to be special for Marvel fans as well.

Tragically, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee passed away last year. He and Kevin Smith had worked together several times over the years, with Lee appearing in Mallrats. That particular role was immortalized via Lee's cameo in Captain Marvel. Beyond their professional relationship, the two had developed something of a friendship over the years and Smith was a lifelong fan of comics. So Lee meant a lot to him. When asked whether or not the filmmaker planned to include a pre or post-credit tribute to the icon in his upcoming movie on Twitter, Smith had this to say.

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"Trust me, True Believer... #JayAndSilentBobReboot"

This response was in reference to one of Stan Lee's lines from Mallrats. Kevin Smith obviously doesn't want to spoil anything, but he's making it very clear that Stan the man will get the recognition he deserves in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Interestingly, that won't be the only Marvel connection in the movie, as it was previously revealed that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth will be making a cameo appearance.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith lead the cast, returning to the roles of Jay and Silent Bob, respectively. The cast also includes a bunch of returning favorites such as Jason Lee, Brian O'Halloran, Shannon Elizabeth, Diedrich Bader, Rosario Dawson and more. New additions include Method Man, Red Man, Molly Shannon, Kate Micucci and Chris Jericho. Smith has promised there will be plenty of celebrity cameos, but he's trying to keep at least a few of them under wraps for the time being. It wouldn't be unexpected to see a teaser trailer sooner rather than later, which is where we could see some famous faces pop up.

This serves as Kevin Smith's first movie since his near-fatal heart attack. The filmmaker wasted absolutely no time getting back to it following his major health scare. While certain specific plot details are being kept under lock and key, n the past, Smith has joked that this is the same movie as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which is intended to be a commentary on the reboot-happy nature of Hollywood. A release date has not yet been locked down, but production wrapped back in March and Smith has indicated that he expects it to be released in the fall. Be sure to check out the original post from Kevin Smith's Twitter account below.