Val Kilmer is back and he's playing Bluntman? Kevin Smith decided to treat fans with the first trailer from Jay & Silent Bob Reboot a few days early and it features Kilmer in a black suit, but he's not Batman this time around. Smith was supposed to unveil the trailer for the highly anticipated reboot this Saturday after his Hall H appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. However, he felt like flipping the script and giving it to fans a bit early. One can easily tell that Smith is extremely excited to get the movie out into theaters.

We only get to see a brief peek at Val Kilmer as Bluntman, but it's pretty huge considering the actor hasn't done a whole lot as of late. He's currently getting ready to star in Top Gun 2 and has already shot some scenes, which we also might get to see at Comic-Con this weekend. Kilmer recently underwent treatment for throat cancer and has been rehabilitating his voice to prepare for more acting gigs.

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Kevin Smith teased that there are three Batman actors in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. We now know of two: Val Kilmer and Ben Affleck. As for the third one, that remains to be a mystery, but many fans are under the assumption that it will be Kevin Conroy, who voiced the Dark Knight in the popular animated series and subsequent video games. Whatever the case may be, Smith has packed the reboot with a ton of familiar and brand-new faces to his franchise and there are way more surprises to be announced in the coming weeks.

Fathom Events and Saban Films will present the full-length Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in more than 600 North American movie theaters on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. An encore showing paired with Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back will take place on the 17th, also at 7 p.m. Additionally, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith will launch a North American tour to bring screenings to different cities. The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow starts in Chicago on October 20th.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot already has a major presence at San Diego Comic-Con. Now that the Jay and Silent Bob Red Band Comic Con trailer has been released, Smith can sit back and relax for a little bit before getting fully into the annual event action. He has worked really hard over the past year to get the movie funded and made, which was made even crazier after his recent health scare. Whatever the case may be, Smith is already a proud papa, even though the baby technically hasn't been born yet. Make sure to check back here after his Comic-Con appearance on Saturday night for more info. You can check out Val Kilmer in the comic-con trailer below, thanks to Kevin Smith's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick