Jay Baruchel will star in the comedy Johnny Klutz for Universal, with Rob McKittrick set to write the script for Red Hour.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, working from his love of physical comedy, Baruchel created the character of Klutz, a lovable loser who is impervious to pain. He paired with Red Hour in the fall, pitching the concept to Universal execs Lawrence Grey and Eric Baiers. Grey has since departed the studio, a victim of company's December layoffs. Red Hour, which was based at DreamWorks, has since signed a first-look deal at Fox.

Baruchel and Red Hour kept honing the character, trying to crack his story, eventually meeting with McKittrick. McKittrick came up with a story based on the Klutz character, which put the project in gear.

Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld and Jeremy Kramer are producing for Red Hour. Thruline's Marc Hamou and Willie Mercer, who rep Baruchel, will serve as executive producers.

Canada native Baruchel slowly has been moving up the comedy food chain in Hollywood, starring in the short-lived Undeclared, the feature Knocked Up and finally landing a key part in Tropic Thunder, produced by Red Hour.

No production date has been set.