Jay Baruchel hasn't given up hope that he will play the villainous Maxwell Lord in George Miller's Justice League: Mortal - yet. The actor spoke to JoBlo about the film, and while he hasn't closed himself to the possibility of production resuming, he doesn't seem too optimistic about the chances of it either.

Baruchel said:

Well it's been postponed indefinitely. And it keeps getting postponed. And each time it gets postponed, the chances of it getting made seem to decrease...It's never been officially over. So there's always that. In a heartbeat I would drop whatever I had going on to do that. That movie and what I get to do in it is like nothing I've ever seen or would ever get a chance to do again.

Miller's Justice League: Mortal has suffered from numerous delays and skepticism regarding the casting decisions made for the film, however with Warner Brother's recent success with The Dark Knight, it is certainly possible that the film may resume production soon.