Justice League of America casting rumors have now officially taken a turn for the weird, according to a report from Trigger Street. If their source is to be believed, Jay Baruchel may be preparing to take the role of a villain in George Miller's Justice League of America.

Baruchel (Knocked Up, Million Dollar Baby) has reportedly walked away from DreamWorks' She's Out of My League, in which he was to star, in order to play a villain in Justice League of America.

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No word on which villain Baruchel would play is available at this time, although the last reported script for the film had the League battling Maxwell Lord and his army of OMACs - a story reminiscent of 2006's prelude to Infinite Crisis. If this script is still in place, it's possible to imagine Baruchel taking the role of Maxwell Lord.

Lord was a one-time ally of the Justice League and minor telepath who later takes control of the super-secret organization Checkmate. Once in charge of Checkmate, Lord takes control of a spy satellite created by Batman known as Brother Eye, and with Brother Eye, he creates the OMACs - cyborgs created by nanites which could be in virtually any human being on the planet. Lord, Brother Eye and the OMACs attempt to eliminate all of the superhumans on Earth.

Take this one with a grain of salt folks, but be prepared to see Baruchel facing off against the League when Justice League of America hits theatres in 2010.