Jay Baruchel has been set to write the adaptation of Kickstart Comics' Random Acts of Violence and is in talks to rewrite Summit's Exorcism Diaries.

Jay Baruchel and his writing partner Jesse Chabot will tackle both projects.

Random Acts of Violence is the blood-soaked story of two comic creators and their ultimate horror character Slasherman creation gone very wrong. The creators start to see success flowing like a river, but when that river turns bloody and people start dying in the midst of a signing tour, it becomes clear that their creation has taken a life of its own.

The comic was written Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, the writers of DC's Jonah Hex.

Summit's Exorcism Diaries is based on the book "The Real Story Behind The Exorcist" by Mark Opsasnick. Summit's tale centers on a reporter searching for the truth behind the most famous exorcism in history, but soon discovers that the real-life story is not quite finished. As a result, she finds herself in harm's way of the same supernatural entity that she is chasing.

No production dates have been set.