Director Kevin Smith is a man juggling many projects all at once. But it looks like he has finally decided on his next feature film. Instead of Mall Rats 2, which by all accounts appears to have been turned into a 10 hour TV show, or the True North trilogy ending thriller Moose Jaws, about a killer moose, he's gong back to the wellspring of his youth. And will literally try to rework that magic with an ode to Clerks he likes to call Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. His plan is to shoot the movie soon.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was the culmination of many films featuring the two lead characters, a journey that started in 1994's Clerks which carried over into such films as Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma. It came out in 2001. And was a hit with audiences. Perhaps it's a fan favorite, but nothing was really ever the same after that movie. Now, the master of ramble is back with a reboot of the movie. And he will officially begin filming before the end of the year. He offers these thoughts on the official Kevin Smith Twitter

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"16 years ago, #JayAndSilentBobStrikeBack was released in theaters. And this Fall, we shoot a follow-up flick called #JayAndSilentBobReboot!"

No release date for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has been announced yet, but the movie shooting so soon, we'll most likely see it in theaters by the end of 2018. No cast has been announced, but Kevin Smith managed to convince the entire cast of Mallrats to come back for a sequel before that got turned into a TV show, so its likely we'll see his usual repertory cast of characters and actors, including Ben Affleck, Jason Lee and Rosario Dawson. The biggest coup would be if he could convince Bruce Willis to be in the movie. The pair notoriously made the comedy Cop Out together. And ever since, Smith has slammed Willis in many of his Q&A comedy concerts. So who wouldn't want to see those two back together on the big screen for the ultimate showdown? I know I'd buy a ticket.

The one constant and sure fire promise is that Kevin Smith will be back to reprise Silent Bob, and his trusting sidekick Jay will once again be played by Jason Mewes. The movie will go at it meta-style, and is an actual sequel to Strikes Back, with the pair trying to stop a Hollywood reboot of the Bluntman Vs Chronic movie that was seen in the original road trip, with the pair upset that the property is getting a dark, gritty redo.

With the story sending Jersey rats Jay and Bob back to Hollywood, we can expect any number of celebrity cameos. And it's possible that Ben Affleck will be on hand to poke fun at his controversial Batman persona. Kevin Smith has recently made a career out of directing episodes of The CW's Arrowverse, and we could stars such as Supergirl's Melissa Benoist and The Flash's Grant Gustin pop in for a few minutes. Kevin Smith gave this as a synopsis.

"A tongue-in-cheek, silly-ass satire that pokes fun at the movie business's recent re-do obsession."

After Mallrats shifted into the TV landscape, Smith promised that he was making Clerks 3. It isn't known if he still plans on making that movie. But his so called View Askewniverse is definitely alive and well, and will be resurrected this fall in Reboot. It should be a fun wink and nod to our current cinematic state. And whether or not you like what Smith has to offer, it sounds like it could be a very fun ride. We wish Kevin much success with this endeavor. Perhaps it will open some eyes in Hollywood, and pave the way towards more original material from the youth of today who will be inspired to move us into the future.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange