Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back star Jason Mewes has read Kevin Smith's script for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and says that it's "amazing." According to Smith, the new movie is expected to begin filming this fall and is expected to contain many cameos from Smith's past body of work including Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. Jay and Silent Bob haven't been seen on the big screen together since 2006's Clerks II and fans have been asking about their return ever since, but the timing was never right.

In 2001's standalone Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the titular characters learned that Hollywood was planning to make a big budget motion picture about their comic book alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic. The movie revolves around them taking an epic road trip to prevent the movie from happening with a whole bunch of crazy cameos from Will Ferrell, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill to Ben Affleck and George Carlin. Since the new project is considered a reboot, the story is expected to be re-used, but instead of the regular Bluntman and Chronic movie, the Hollywood studio is planning to make the two heroes adversaries much like Warner Bros.' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Jason Mewes recently sat down with ComicBook.com and revealed that he has read Kevin Smith's script for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. In addition to saying that the script was "amazing," the actor also called the script "super clever." Mewes had this to say.

"I've read the script, and it's amazing and it's super clever. It's called Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it's Jay and Bob making fun of reboots. It's funny, a couple of people have asked me, 'are you guys even playing the characters if it's a reboot?' It's not really a reboot, Kevin Smith called it Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it's us making fun of reboots, but the script's awesome. It's very funny."

There are not very many details available at this time, but the idea surrounding the movie sounds very much like Kevin Smith and it is a perfect topic for him to comment on. The reboot is about to get a takedown from Jay and Silent Bob.

No release date has been announced for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, but as previously mentioned, the reboot is expected to begin filming very shortly. None of the cast or cameos have been revealed, but if anyone knows how to pull together an impressive cast together, it's Smith. Mark Hamill was recently asked on Twitter if he would be reprising his role as Cockknocker and the actor revealed that he had not been asked, but Kevin Smith chimed in to say that he would be reaching out to The Last Jedi star as soon as they had their dates and locations on lock.

Regardless, you know that Kevin Smith will deliver an all-star cast for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for some more casting news to flood in. Ben Affleck will more than likely be in the reboot, especially since he and Smith have such a long history, but also because the movie will be poking fun at Batman v Superman as well. Smith has a lot in common with the DCEU as they both announce projects that sometimes don't end up happening, so hopefully this one takes off because the premise is just too good. That, and we just need some more Jay and Silent Bob in our lives right now.

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